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Pphu Szulc
Salk Mahallesi, D100 Karayolu 7. Km., 14300 Bolu Merkez/Bolu Bolu Bolu 14300 Turkey
Contact name:
Szulc Stanislaw , CEO

Pphu Szulc

Pphu Szulc



All original brands of confectionaries products like chocolates and more

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    FERRERO  Rocher  200g       FERRERO 300g (Diamond) Chocolate

FERRERO Rocher 200g


FERRERO 300g (Diamond) Chocolate

    HANUTA 10x22g Wafers (24)       HANUTA 200g Minis Hazelnut Wafers

HANUTA 10x22g Wafers (24)


HANUTA 200g Minis Hazelnut Wafers

    HARIBO 200g Fruity-Bussi Jelly       KINDER 100g Chocolate

HARIBO 200g Fruity-Bussi Jelly


KINDER 100g Chocolate

    KINDER 20g Surprise       NUTELLA  Chocolate 600g

KINDER 20g Surprise


NUTELLA Chocolate 600g

    Nutella Chocolate 750g       NUTELLA Chocolate 15g

Nutella Chocolate 750g


NUTELLA Chocolate 15g

    PRINGLES Potato Chips 165g       RAFFAELLO 150g Chocolates

PRINGLES Potato Chips 165g


RAFFAELLO 150g Chocolates

    SNICKERS 50g Chocolate Bar       Isopure Zero Carb WPI

SNICKERS 50g Chocolate Bar


Isopure Zero Carb WPI


    BCAA Lean Energy       Boax Bubblegum

BCAA Lean Energy



Boax Bubblegum